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Jaipur- Brahmani Mata(E)

 Brahmani Mata Mandir-Jaipur Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and founded by Raja Jai Singh. He was keen on the security aspect of the City because of the increasing foreign threats. He loved  mathematics and…

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Ratangarh-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani  Mata Mandir-Ratangarh Location:  Ratangarh is a Tehsil in Churu District and comes under Bikaner Division and located 50 KM from Churu, Loonach, Nosariya, Sangasar, Ladhasar, Gorisar are the Villages and Rajaldesar, Fatehpur and Harsawa…

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Sumerpur-Brahmni Mata

Brahmni Mata Mandir-Angor Location: Angor is a small hamlet in Sumerpur Tehsil in Pali District and comes under Angor Panchayath. It belongs to Jodhpur Division. It is located 86 KM from District Pali, 11 KM…

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Bagli-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani MataTemple-Bagli Location: Bagli is a small Village in Bali Tehsil in Pali District and located 84 KM Pali, 8 KM from Bali and 382 KM from Jaipur. Boya, Barwa, Sena, Sewari, Bijapur are the…

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Sorsan-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani Mata Mandir-Sorsan-Baran:   Location: Sorsan is a Village in Anta Tehsil in Baran District and located 26 KM towards from District Baran,  27 KM from Anta and 254 KM from Jaipur. Khajoorna Kalan, Jainagar,…

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Nagaur-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani Mata Mandir-Nagaur Shree & Shiv Brahmani Mata Ka Mandir Location: Nagaur is a District, lies about midway between Jodhpur and Bikaner. Nagaur is famous for spices (Methi- fenugreek seeds), spicy red chilly and is…

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kheda-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani Mata Mandir-kheda Location: Dewara is a small hamlet under Dewara Panchayath in Jalore Tehsil in Jalore District and belongs to Jodhpur Division. It is located 26 KM from Jalore, 443 KM from Jaipur. Siyana,…

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Sangod-Brahmani Mata

Brahmani Mata Mandir-Sangod Location: Sangod is a Town in Sangod Tehsil in Kota District and located 60 KM from District Kota. Kishanpura, Vinod Khurd, Shyampura, Borinakalan, Hingi are the nearby Villages and Baran, Jhalawar, Ramganj…

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Temple Location

Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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