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Sorsan is a Village in Anta Tehsil in Baran District and located 26 KM towards from District Baran,  27 KM from Anta and 254 KM from Jaipur. Khajoorna Kalan, Jainagar, Begna, Barwa, Ratawad are the nearby Villages and Baran , Mangrol , Kota , Jhalawar are the nearby Cities to Sorsan. Sorsan Pin code is 325202 and postal head office is Anta.

There are many places of pilgrimage in Rajasthan, but the pilgrimage site of Sorsan is special. A 700 years old ancient temple, known as Brahmani Mata Mandir is located at a distance of 28 km from Baran in Sorsan village.

The temple is located in the old fort and is surrounded by tall perches. It can also be called a cave temple. Two of the temple’s three entrances are artistic. The main entrance is facing east. The Devi Temple situated in the middle of the complex has a dome gate pavilion and a sanctum sanctorum. The door frame of the sanctum sanctorum is 5 x 7 inches size, but the entrance is only 3 x 2.5 feet. It can be entered only by bending and bowing to the diety, so the priests worship only by bowing down. There is a huge rock in the sanctum of the temple. The stone statue of the cosmic mother sits on the step post in the rock.

Worhshipping Back Part of Diety:

Its main feature is that instead of worshiping the obverse, it is worshiped on the back. This is the first temple perhaps in the world where the back part of the Goddess Deity is worshiped. Here only the back of the Goddess is adorned and the Bhog is also applied to the Back or Peeth and the visiting devotees visit the Peeth. The locals call it Peeth Puja. Vermillion is applied daily on the back of the Goddess statue and adorned with Kaner flower leaves. The goddess is offered the famous ‘Dal-Baati’  as prasad regularly.

Lamp which is Continuously lit for past 400 years!

The amazing thing is that the temple has a lamp which is burning continuously for past 400 years. People have  deep faith in this region towards the Mother Goddess, people come here and ask for a vow or want some of their desire to be fulfilled or also called mannat, and when the vow or mannat is accomplished  – God’s Cradle, umbrella or any other object is offered in the temple.

The descendants of Khokharji have been worshiped in the temple since the time when Brahmani Mata appeared here and was pleased with the Khoshar Gaur Brahmin of Sorsan. In the tradition, members of a Gujarati family have the right to recite Saptashati, members of the Rao Bhat family of the Meenas play the drums.

Donkey Festival:

There is also a famous  ‘Donkey Festival’ that is  organized once a year on the occasion of Shivaratri at the temple of Sorsan Brahmani Mata. Previously, donkeys were brought from many states in this fair. Now, with the changing times, there is less buying of donkeys and more horse-trading in the garb fair held here.

Needs up gradation to make it a tourist spot:

Despite being a historical site, it is not being looked after. The lake situated near the temple remains deserted. There are no special arrangements for the tourists. The waterfalls flowing at this place are heavily crowded with tourists during the rainy days. By introducing boating, this place can be made more attractive for tourists but there is no attention is being paid to it.


Brahmani Mata Mandir,
Sorsan, Dist: Baran,
Rajasthan 325202

  • How to reach Sorsan, Baran:
  • By air:
    • Jaipur Airport is connected to major cities of India by air
  • By Road:

Baran is connected to many cities of the state like Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, and other roads of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi in the country. Regular bus services private and government are available to the city of Baran.

    • Jaipur- Baran, Sorsan: Kota Rd : 6 h 53 min (308 km)
  • This route has tolls.
  • By Train:

Baran railway station is connected to major parts of the country by regular trains. Trains to Bhopal, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota are regularly available from this railway station. From the railway station you can reach the Brahmani Mata temple with the help of a taxi or bus.

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Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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