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Nana is a small Village in Bali Tehsil in Pali District and  located 116 KM from Pali, 36km from Bali and 407 KM from Jaipur. Chamunderi, Kumtiya, Goriya, Kothar, Malnoo, Bera  are the nearby Villages and Sheoganj,  Pindwara, Sumerpur are the near by Cities to Nana. Pin code is 306504 and postal head office is Nana.


The ancient name for Nana was Nanaka. It is an historical village and existed as far back as the 10th century, as is known from the inscription of 960 AD in the Jain temple. Village Nana is also described in ancient Jain books. It is called as “NANA Diyana Nandiya… Jiwit Mahavir Swami Vihariya.”  Nana village has great Princely village.  It was rules by many rulers. Nana village has great Princely village.  It was rules by many rulers.

Temples in Nana:

There are many ancient temples in and around Nana. 10th-century, temple, of Nilakantha Mahadev. One of the earlier known temples are Chakrasvami temple dedicated to Laxmi Narayana, Shri Nathji Temple, Kumbheshwar Madadev,  khetalaji and Ramatanadi Hanumanji  also.

The Famous temple of Chamunda Mata is in Chamunderi village, six kilometres from the Nana Railway station and the most known temple of Songiri hanumaji is 5 km. away from Nana.

Jain Temples:

An ancient, 2600 years old Jain temple, which have 120 cm height idol of, Lord Mahavir. Lord Mahavir’s idol was found by a farmer under a Kanther tree. He entrusted the idol to the Jain Sangha and they built a temple. This temple was renovated several times. Last time it was renovated in 2008 under the instructions of Acharya  Devshri Labdhisurishvarji Maharaj Saheb and the chief idol and other idols are formally installed.


Shri Kshemkari Mata & Shri Brahmani Mata Mandir,
Mahadevji Rd,
Nana, Rajasthan 306504

  • How to reach Nana:
  • By Rail:
      • Nana Railway Station,
      • Keshavganj Railway Station
  •  By Road:
      • Pali-Brahmani Mata Mandir, Nana: NH62-2 h 13 min (114 km)
      • This route has tolls.

  • Bus Stops in Nana, Bali
        • Nana Bus Stand
          Station Road; Nana- 306504: 5.4 KM
        • Chamunderi
          Chamunderi- 306504: 8.8 KM
        • Bus Stand
          RJ SH 62; Bhandar- 306504: 10.1 KM
        • Bera Bus Stand
          Bera- 306126: 14.9 KM


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Temple Location

Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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