Brahmani Mata Mandir-Dhani

Dhani is a Village in Bali Tehsil in Pali District and located 65 KM from Pali, 17 KM from Bali and 364 KM from  Jaipur. Khimel, Falnagaon, Mokampura, Bedal, Rani Station are the nearby Villages and Falna, Bali, Sadri, Sumerpur are the nearby Cities to Dhani. Pin code is 306116 and postal head office is Falna.


Brahmani Mata Mandir,
Dhani, Jadri, Rajasthan- 306116

  • How to reach Dhani:
  • By Rail:
      • Khimel Railway Station,
      • Falna Railway Station
  • By Road:
    • Pali-Brahmani Mata Mandir, Dhani, Jadri: NH62-1 h 3 min (67.3 km)
    • This Route has Tolls.
  •   Bus Stops in Dhani, Bali
        • Rathor station
          Dantiwara – Panchalwara Rd; Panchalwara; 306116: 6.5 KM
        • Rani Goan Bus stop
          MDR105; Rani Gaon: 306115; 11.6 KM distance
        • Sanderao Bus stand
          NH14: Sanderao: 306708; 16.1 KM distance


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Temple Location

Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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