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There are many temples of Brahmi, Brahmani or Brahmani Mata in Rajasthan. I have tried to show this through the google map. Most of the Temples are in Pali District, that’s why Jaipur to Pali and Jodhpur to Pali map are also included for the convenience of the travelers. History and photos of many temples have not been found. You are requested that if you have photos, history or any information related to this site. If you know any other famous temple of Brahmani Mata the in different places, please share so that we can update it. You will also be given credit for it.

Famous Brahmani Mataji Temple of Rajasthan:
      1. Brahmani Mata Temple-Pallu, District Hanumangarh
      2. Brahmani Mata Temple-Sewadi, District Pali
      3. Brahmani Mata Temple-Beetwara, District Pali
      4. Brahmani Mata Temple-Parikhia – District Pali
      5. Brahmani Mata Temple-Sorsan, District Pali
      6. Brahmani Mata Temple-Perwa, District Pali
      7. Brahmani Mata Temple-Dhani, District Pali
      8. Brahmani Mata Temple-Merta Road
      9. Brahmani Mata Temple-Bhagli, District Pali
      10. Brahmani Mata Temple-Ghanrao and Raida Talab, District Pali
      11. Brahmani Mata Temple-Dhanla-Gudha Durga, Marwar Junction, District Pali
      12. Brahmani Mata Temple-Sumerpur, District Pali
      13. Brahmani Mata Temple-Nana, District Pali
      14. Brahmani Mata Temple-Sumergarh Kheda, District Jalore
      15. Brahmani Mata Temple-Vera Boldi and Rampura Colony, Jalore:
      16. Brahmani MataTemple-Nagaur, District Nagaur
      17. Brahmani Mata Temple-Thata, District Nagaur
      18. Brahmani Mata Temple-Mamwali: District Sirohi
      19. Brahmani Mata Temple-Kalandri: District Sirohi
      20. Brahmani Mata Temple-Haryada, District Jodhpur
      21. Brahmani Mata Temple-Lunkaransar, District Bikaner
      22. Brahmani Mata Temple-Sangod, District Kota
      23. Brahmani Mata Temple-Ratangarh: District Churu
      24. Brahmani Mata Temple-Jaipur, District Jaipur

  • Jaipur to Pali: NH 248- 1 h 3 min(32.6 km)
    • This route has tolls.

  • Jodhpur to Pali:  NH 62- 1h 8 min(66km)
    This route has tolls.
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Temple Location

Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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