Brahmani Mata Temple-Dhanap


Dhanap is a Locality in Gandhinagar City , Pin code is 382321 and postal head office is Chhala. Dashela, Shiholi Moti, Alampur, Giyod, Isanpur Mota are the nearby Localities to Dhanap.


Brahmani Mata Mandir,
Dhanap, Gujarat 382321

  •  How to reach Dhanap:
  • By Air:

Ahmadabad Airport(AMD)

  • By Road:

Ahmadabad Airport Gandhi Nagar- Dhanap:  Ahmadabad Rd. NH 48 : 36 M. (32.1 K.M.)

  • Bus Stops in Dhanap:
      • Dashela Bus Station: NH 8-382042: 0.4 K.M.
      • Mahundra Bus Stop: NH 8: Siholi-382321: 2.5.4 K.M.
      • Siholi Bus Station: Siholi-382321: 2.5.4 K.M.

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Temple Location

Mata Ji Mandir Road, Pallu, Rajasthan

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